Mung'ung'uti Collection



This season, Jiamini presents Mung'ung'uti: (Spine). Known to be the first structure that forms inside the womb. To this structure, a pillar down the center of the back, everything is anchored. From this place that supports the body and protects the spinal cord, everything flows. Its rigor creates balance; its agility enables flexible motion. Mung'ung'uti is an exploration of the spine as a compelling organic form, a grounding foundational structure and as a symbol: the backbone of life.

Discover the story in spectacular pieces like the Wamunyu brass collar, and in accessories like the Maanzoni belt that bring striking beauty to everyday looks. Other highlights include the Syokimau leather clutch, featuring a brass spine embellished grip band; the Yatta earrings, a pair of 18k gold-plated brass vertebra studs with descending beaded fringe spirals; and the Kathiani chain link belt.



Using the vertebrae of the spine as a primary unit of design, the Mung'ung'uti collection tells a beautiful tale of strength and frames it with the heritage crafts Jiamini is known for: exquisite beading and weaving, accentuated with artisanal brass work.


This seasons weave patterns takes its inspiration from a basket handed down to me by my mother (Priscilla Kalekye Nzomo) 16 years ago, bought by my father ( George Mbaluka Nzomo), while on duty in Northern Kenya in the 70's. Traditionally made from a blend of sisal and baobab fibres, my mother used this particular piece as a wall hanging in the living room.


Today, we bring back this weave pattern (The Kalekye), that I passed around the house as a young girl, into our hand woven bags. Maintaining the sisal fibre as the base, we've incorporated wool into the weave, giving it a soft, minimal modern look. To complement and add dimension, we've incorporated two particular skills practiced by the Kamba community. i.e. Beadwork and metalwork.