The ‘UHUSIANO’ cufflink

‘UHUSIANO’ - Swahili word meaning relationship.
A few months ago, we were commissioned by MAZZI ODU, to create a pair of cufflinks that she wanted to gift to a special person. Being our first mens piece, the challenge was how to incorporate our designs to a man’s wardrobe. We sought inspiration from our last collection, Mung’ung’uti (Kamba for spine). Male or female, the spine knows no gender. We all posses one. With that in mind, the form and fluidity of the vertebrae lends itself in the creation of our first cufflink piece 'UHUSIANO’,(Named by Mazzi Odu), not just as a symbol of the strength within us, but as a reminder of the strength we have in our interactions and the relationships we form with ourself and with others. So, on a night out with friends, date night or a work meeting, we hope the ‘UHUSIANO’ cufflink will be part of your story in the bonds and relationships you form with yourself and others.