The African Queen Collection is a mother and son collaboration first introduce in a capsule collection about 10 years ago,that celebrates women while at the same time empowering them. 
Both passionate about women, they found one language, the language of beads embroidered together to create a work of art that tells the story of each woman's past, present and future.
Anthony (Son), was inspired by his mother who for the past 28 years single-handedly raised him and his three siblings. Her strength, tenacity, faith and wisdom are the four pillars of this collection that serves as a symbol of gratitude, respect and honour for the sacrifices made.
Jennifer's (Mother) passion for women empowerment and economic sustainability through employment are but some of the building blocks that inspired her in the creation of this collection. Her message to women in this collection is for them to be aware that the crown isn't on their head, but their soul. Equal and deserving of the same rights, men and women are different, with each gender carrying it's own strengths. The beauty in the form, patterns and colours of the African queen collection capture that exact sentiment. We must never let our past circumstances define our future.
These pieces evoke a new age of femininity, pride, power and a reminder that sometimes all we need is to tap into our inner QUEEN to rise out of any situation and come alive.
Forever proud to spell my name W.O.M.A.N.
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